The Major Reason for Unanswered Prayer

October 29, 2018

If you have been praying for something that you know is in God's will but have yet to receive the answer, there may be a simple reason.  One of the major reasons we don't get our prayers answered is that our motive is wrong.  This episode will show show you that when you get the WHY right the answer will follow.  We teach about motive in our book, "Praying Effectively for the Lost".  Get your copy at or call us at 337-433-2663.


One tip that will make a huge impact on your prayer life.

October 3, 2018

Prayer is not something we usually do by default.  One of the primary reasons this is true is becuase PRAYER IS WARFARE!  Most of us have old prayer lists that are 5 years old that we have not prayed over in months or even years.  We will share with you the one tip that will set you apart in your prayer life....let's get to it.

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The FIRST thing God does before He saves the lost.

September 12, 2018

To prepare the heart of a lost person, God must first Sanctify them.  In this episode we will tell you how this works and show you how your prays help prepare the lost to be saved.  This is a vital step in praying for the lost.

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How to find the ONE issue that keeps the lost from being saved.

August 20, 2018

Every lost person has many sins (as we all do) but there is ONLY ONE sin that blinds them to the gospel.  This episode we will give you some insight on how to identify that issue or problem and how to pray more EFFECTIVELY to help them find Jesus.

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The Key Missing Element to Winning the Lost

August 9, 2018

So many times we find ourselves praying the same old prayer..."God please save my family member."  This episode we will teach you the key missing element to winning the lost.  Finding out WHY your loved one remains lost is a crucial factor.  This truth is the key to winning them to Christ.